AI Assisted Programmes to Tackle Crime in Dubai

December 21, 2018by admin

High technology will join human security guards: AI Assisted Programmes to make emirate even safer, say police..

A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) network that will link security cameras across Dubai. To monitor and identify criminal security breaches live from a central command centre and Security guards. It will always be needed for hands-on, live monitoring of homes and businesses but rapid advances in technology. This will make simple devices such as closed circuit television cameras. As effective in some cases as trained humans, say Dubai Police.

AI Assisted Programmes

The new AI software ensure the linking of thousands of CCTV cameras. One command room to fight criminal behaviour in three sectors tourism, traffic and bricks-and-mortar facilities. It was so smart in some cases, that will identify any assailant already known to the police as a crime is being committed, police said. 

Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs at Dubai Police, said the “new project called ‘Oyoon’ or ‘Eyes’ — will tackle crimes in the city and help reduce roadside deaths and traffic jams.” 


“Dubai is changing, and we must be prepared for the changes….” He added

How It will Work

Digital brains: Oyoon (Eyes), with an open budget, aims to link all security cameras in the city in one place and the use of Artificial Intelligence will give surveillance cameras digital brains to match their eyes, letting them analyse live video with no human help required.


 This is good news for public safety, as it helps police and first responders more easily to spot crimes and accidents and also has a range of scientific and industrial applications. “Many sites in Dubai operate surveillance cameras and we aim to link all in one place for data analysis and to respond to emergency situations. Oyoon will link all government and private sectors surveillance cameras under one umbrella,” Maj Gen Al Mansouri said.


One mugshot is all it takes: Police will have the ability to digitally tail criminals around the city just by uploading a mugshot onto a database. Dubai Police use the audio system in the cameras to warn thieves before they commit a crime.


“Imagine there is a burglar about to break into a jewellery shop — we can use the audio in the system to warn him that we are watching him.

For Villa Residents

Villa residents: Install the app. Dubai Police want security companies to participate more in the security sector. Especially after launching a new initiative for villa residents. To secure their homes by installing CCTV cameras and motion sensors in cooperation. With du and the Transguard group to install cameras and sensors in villas.


“Those who register [for the app] can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they can also have the facility of [surveillance] cameras installed and have their home safe under the supervision of Dubai Police.

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