How Dubai’s AI cameras helped arrest 319 suspects last year

June 21, 2019by admin

How Dubai’s AI cameras helped arrest 319 suspects last year. Dubai’s AI cameras helped arrest; Surveillance cameras under the Oyoon project help Dubai Police zero in on wanted vehicles.

Thousands of CCTV cameras in Dubai helped in the arrest of 319 suspects last year. Under the Oyoon (Eyes) project that employs artificial intelligence (AI), a Dubai Police official said on Monday.

First Lieutenant Ali Al Shehi from Criminal Investigation Department said surveillance cameras of various Dubai government agencies have become part of the new project to provide a live feed to a Central Command Centre.

“The cameras cover tourist destinations public transport and general traffic. The cameras helped arrest 319 suspects in different areas in Dubai through their automatic facial recognition technology. Al Shehi said during a presentation at the 12th international symposium for best police practices held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai Festival City.

Under the AI network, security cameras across the city relay live images of security breaches to the Central Command Centre. The cameras monitor criminal behaviour in three sectors — tourism, traffic and brick and mortar facilities.


“The project will tackle crimes in the city as using AI and latest technologies will help realise zero crimes in the future. For example, we have 5,000 cameras in the Metros and thousands more in the city. The cameras were able to identify wanted vehicles by identifying their plate numbers,” he added.


Dubai Police said AI will give surveillance cameras digital brains to match their eyes, letting them analyse live video with no human intervention.

With the help of thousands of surveillance cameras in the city, police use AI and face recognition technology to track criminals.

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