NSD Restaurants Management System

NSD AMIRESTO is developed based on the best business practice and rules, it helps and allows you to have an high performance, flexibility and efficiency for the best management of restaurant's activities.

• Customizable system and turnkey solution covering all aspects of your restaurant business.
• Flexible system which can grow with your business, from a simple POS to a multiples and complex network of POS and branches.
• A great and full control of stock as well as a full control of waste materials and cancelled orders.
• Mobile management capability and preferment alert system.
• Helps you to increase revenue by adapting your sales based on customers’ orders.
• By a sales analysis, ability to motivates employees and control their performances.
• Management of fidelity customers’ points and customers relationships management.
• Management of seasonal promotion and new offers.
• Management of all type of restaurants from Small and medium level to chain of restaurants or single huge restaurant


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