GVC3200 Video Conferencing


GVC3200 Video Conferencing


The GVC3200 is a revolutionary video conferencing system that provides an interactive and immersive video conferencing environment to increase collaboration and productivity. This SIP-based GVC3200 allows the user to connect their video conferencing solutions with any 3rd party SIP or H.323 video conferencing platform. Users will elevate their experience with its 1080p Full-HD video, up to 9-way video conferences, 3 monitor outputs, screen-sharing capabilities, Wi-Fi and more.



• 1080p Full-HD video, up to 9-way video conferences, support for 3 monitor outputs through 3 HDMI outputs

• 9-way hybrid-protocol conferencing with no external MCUs/servers or extra software licenses

• Plug and Play connection to Grandstream's IPVideoTalk video conferencing service


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