Came G6000


The 6 m Came G6000 automatic barrier kit is made up of a Came G6000 barrier, a control panel, a rectangular arm and a reflective tape, useful for spaces up to 6 meters. 




• The bosy of the Came G6000 barrier has a galvanized steel structure that allows it to operate even at very low or elevated temperatures and is generally used to control access to car parks.

• The barrier arm is rectangular has a length of 6 m, easily adapting to spaves with an opening up tp 6 meters.

• The Came G6000 barrier is an automatic barrier that works with an electric motor that raises the arm and a built-in cotrol panel that allows automatic opening and closing. 

• The 6 m automatic barrier kit The Came G6000 can be easily connected to other components of the same Came range if we want custome kit or extra functionality



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