CHV-TSTAT Thermostat Controller


CHV-TSTAT Heating/Cooling Thermostat

The CHV-TSTAT is a versatile heating and cooling thermostat for one and two stage control of forced air, radiant, and heat pump HVAC systems. Relative humidity capability can be added through an external remote humidity sensor (sold separately). Although functional as a standalone thermostat, the CHV-TSTAT delivers greatly enhanced functionality as part of a complete Crestron Home® automation system. Available in white, black, or almond, the stylish wall mount design is a complement to any décor.

The large backlit LCD display, navigable using four simple pushbuttons, provides easy access to indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity readings, setpoint adjustments, system mode and fan status indicators, and setup menus. Climate control features include separate heating, cooling, and humidity setpoints with optional automatic changeover between heating and cooling modes. Adjustable anticipators prevent overshooting the set temperature, and continuous fan operation can be selected when needed for increased circulation.

Power Requirements 24V: 2 Watts (0.083 Amps) @ 24 Volts AC, supplied by heating or cooling system Cresnet Power Usage: <1 Watts (<0.05 Amps @ 24 Volts DC), required for Cresnet communication only.


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