How to be a #social startup in the UAE

29 Oct 2018

How to be a #social startup in the UAE

In the world full of hashtags and filters, the Arabian Business StartUp Academy to share lessons they have learned, and continue to learn, about making the best of social media when setting up, sustaining and growing a small business in the Middle East. As with any industry, social media boasts platforms aimed at various audiences with different wants and needs. 

Those on LinkedIn look for professional opportunities whereas Facebook users connect with far away friends and family. But if you’re setting up, sustaining or growing a business, how do you know which platform to use? What should be your social media strategy? 

What is the first step to an effective social media strategy for small businesses?

Running a small business goes beyond marketing. So when it comes to a multifaceted platform like famous social media now a days, it can help with marketing, but because it’s an open and public platform – probably the only one out there today – it can also help you get to know your audience. And by audience, don’t mean just your customers, but also the people who influence your customers.

Identifying the channels and finding out how to target different audiences was really important, but it is also important to actually speak their language.  As they said 80 percent of our audience on Facebook use Arabic as their primary language. it will make you realised that later on and people had to switch to Arabic to relate to the audience. In a nutshell, acting like as human beings versus a brand, and know how to speak to them. 

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