IBM, mimik technology to make edge computing more accessible for enterprises

25 Dec 2020

IBM has recently entered a collaboration partnership with hybrid edge company mimik technology to build AI-enabled collaborative workflow solutions.

The solutions will be designed to help accelerate automation and digital transformation across manufacturing, retail, IoT and healthcare.

mimik’s hybrid edgeCloud platform transforms cloud applications from a fixed client-server architecture – where server functionality is limited to servers in data centres and gateways – to a fully distributed architecture, enabling "client" devices to act as servers. Through this relationship, mimik intends to extend IBM Edge Application Manager’s management of IoT and edge devices, and support for edge clusters by enabling the deployment of containerised workloads to mobile devices running on iOS, Android, QNX and Windows.

To help address the challenges around the complexities in developing, updating and maintaining applications, mimik will bring its hybrid edgeCloud platform together with IBM’s Edge Application Manager, which runs on Red Hat OpenShift, to enable devices with computing resources, such as PCs, smartphones, routers, game consoles, and IoT gateways and FreeRTOS sensors, as well as the broad spectrum of Linux-based edge devices and clusters, to have containerised computing capabilities at the edge.


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