UAE's wi-fi now fastest in Middle East after additional spectrum allocation

28 Dec 2020

It's all connected... and UAE's homes and offices now have access to the fastest wi-fi connections in the Middle East.


An additional 500 MHz has been allocated to make this happen

Dubai: Uploads and downloads inside UAE's homes and offices will now become the fastest in the region. An additional 500 MHz radio spectrum of 6 GHz band has been allotted for indoor wi-fi use.

"This will significantly boost the speed of indoor wireless networks in the UAE, helping to keep up with the increasing use of wireless services by individuals, companies and different business sectors for day-to-day activities, and to accommodate new applications which drive demand for faster speeds and greater reliability," the Telecom Regulatory Authority said in a statement. "Today, wi-fi is a critical investment that connects people to workplaces, businesses, education and healthcare."

Universal coverage

As of now, 99 per cent of homes in the UAE have internet access, and wi-fi thus plays an essential role in providing connectivity between users' routers and the increasing number of wireless-enabled devices in their homes, including TVs and games consoles.

“The COVID-19 situation has stressed the importance of having reliable Wi-Fi systems in our homes," said Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Head of UAE Digital Government and TRA Director-General. "This reliability on wi-fi networks has been driven by the increasing demand of internet use in remote-working, education and data-intensive activities such as multimedia streaming on multiple devices at the same time.”


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