There's a better place to put your router. Here's what to know.

16 Jun 2022

Your Router Is Probably in the Wrong Spot. Move It to Speed Up Your Wi-Fi
I can't tell you how many times I've almost lost my mind because I've been in the middle of an important project or Zoom meeting and suddenly my internet connection glitches. Proper internet connectivity is a must-have, especially as many of us continue to work from home. Even though I pay the monthly fees to an internet service provider and took the time to have a technician install my router professionally, I still find myself spending too much time watching my computer grind... and I bet you've been there too. 
The good news is there's an easy fix to these issues that will take you just a few, short minutes. 
There are a lot of factors that determine internet speeds and while there's a few tricks or guidelines you can follow to improve the overall wireless speeds and coverage in your home, one of the most crucial factors is the location of your router. And note, it's not always where the technician set it up. So keep reading to learn about the best place in your home for your router and other tricks for faster Wi-Fi. 


Start with the right router

First things first: It all starts with choosing the right router or other equipment. Not all routers are made equal and the size and layout of your home will determine what type of wireless network you need.

For most apartments and smaller homes (under 1,500 square feet), a single wireless access point should suffice. That said, if your router is several years old, you may want to consider upgrading to a newer model with support for wireless 802.11ac and dual-band support. This will give you the fastest wireless speeds possible and the best overall coverage.
For bigger, multilevel homes, it's worth considering making the upgrade to a mesh network to offer consistent coverage throughout the entire house. Once the main access point is installed, if you find a far corner of your home doesn't have solid wireless coverage, just add another node to that area. Problem solved.
To learn more, check out our list of the best mesh routers of the year and if you're not sure where to begin in choosing your next router, consult our buying guide.
Regardless of whether you have a single access point or a mesh network, where you place the primary access point still matters.


Where should you place your router?

When you first move into a new home or apartment, the modem is usually installed along the wall in one of the far reaches of the house. This is simply because that is where the line comes into the house and the technician's job is to set up the connection -- not optimize your network. That part is on you.

It's tempting to just leave everything where the technician set it up. But it's unlikely that this is an optimal location to have your router.

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