Data security keeping IT experts up at night

16 Jun 2020

Data security keeping IT experts up at night




As businesses across the UAE speed up their digitalisation drive and make the transition to online, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, IT departments have expressed their concerns about data security and the threat of cyberattacks. 


Working from home is the new normal, and its effectiveness has clearly been proven. There is little doubt that this trend is likely to continue. Major analysts share consensus that between 5-20 per cent of the office-based positions will continue to work remotely at 74 per cent of the organisations."


Public clouds are home to some of the world's most critical information and applications from citizen and health data, to military intelligence, payroll processing, and everything in between. The public cloud has proven a worthy alternative to private data centers by offering high resilience to threats and rapid security incident recovery. Still, not all public cloud providers are the same with respect to expertise or built-in security.


In response to the current challenging environment, companies have accelerated the movement of workloads, and associated sensitive data, to the cloud to support a new way of working, and to help optimise cost models. This is exposing existing vulnerabilities and creating new risks," said Tony Buffomante, Global co-leader of KPMG's Cyber Security Services. "To be able to manage that increased threat level in this new reality, it is essential that chief information security officers build security into the design of cloud migration and implementation strategies, staying in regular communication with the business."



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