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The CCTV camera is the most high tech and safe secure invention in modern age and there is no one better than CCTV Company in Dubai to handle these CCTV camera related problems. Logical network solution is a CCTV approved company in Dubai. Our engineers are available on one call for network installation in Dubai and network maintenance in Dubai by 24/7. Logical network solution is one of the best IT Support Companies in Dubai.

If you have a computer virus or a problem connecting to the internet, you can ask the help from us because we are CCTV approved company in Dubai. Logical network solution knows that you will not be able to handle the problem of software and hardware in a CCTV. That’s why we as a CCTV company in Dubai are available on one call for network maintenance in Dubai. The problem of exhaustion of IP address in CCTV Company is handled by us. if you are not able to find your IP address, then there may be a problem with your network adaptor, which you may not understand but the engineers of IT Support Companies in Dubai can understand this and solve it. Sometimes there is a problem in your system or phone network due to which your application works slowly. Working as network installation in Dubai we have long experience for this slow network problem which will be useful for you for your residential and business use.

Either it is for network installation in Dubai or network maintenance in Dubai, there is logical network solution for everyone. Talking about the IT sector the network is very important. Poor Network can put their work in problem. In such a situation we are the best in IT support companies in Dubai who can securely transfer your data. We as a CCTV Company in Dubai simplify network flow by completing network configuration. The system requires regular updation and configuration in Software and Hardware in IT sector. Therefore the facility of regular updation of your software and hardware is also provided in our CCTV approved company in Dubai. You can hire logical network solution for your device management and storage Management. By connecting to network installation in Dubai you get to know the benefit of network maintenance because we help you from Data retrieval to better communication. Trust on Logical Network Solution for CCTV Company in Dubai and contact us to take benefits.

Today we all understand the value of Internet in business field. Through internet any data can Travel thousands of kilometer in seconds but even a slight problem in the internet network creates a big problem for us. Our Network setup in Dubai can be used to keep the flow of your internet smooth. There are some common issues if they happens that are very normal but due to that issue we can face a huge problem. Slow network speed is a problem that does not become such a big problem is the rest of the place but there can be a lot of problem in data transfer. Network setup in Dubai of logical network solution can remove the problem of slow network very easily. Similarly our network setup in Dubai provides the best service when there is a problem with a cable connection wire. Updating your window is also a very small task for logical network solution. VPN setting are also very important for strong network which you generally don't understand but the engineers of our network setup in Dubai understand this. Whether it is new network installation or old network configuration Contact logical network solution for everything.



Professional IT Support & CCTV Company 



  • CCTV Installation
  • CCTV Security System
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Biometric Solutions
  • Network Solutions
  • Server and Data Storage Solutions
  • Sound System Solutions
  • Telecom Solutions
  • Conference Solutions
  • Home Automation Solutions 
  • POS & Retail Solutions
  • Enterprise IT- Infra Solutions
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Online and Web Solutions




To be one of corporate IT & Security Solution provider encompasses International Standards of Excellence. 



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