Logical Network Solution is one of the pioneers in providing a wide range of integrated solutions and services to clients with a firm conviction towards being the best IT company in Dubai. Since the company's culmination in 2011, we have gained a oodles of experience via successful project execution and domain expertise - aiding in the smart transportation solutions and services.   


With a strong and flexible service delivery models and technology support - we have won multiple accolades from our clients and appreciation from multiple consultants involved in various projects. As a result of which, we are the preferred vendors of various IT Services Solution in Dubai. Being SIRA certified, Logical Network Solutions provides CCTV Installation and Surveillance Solutions in big corporate offices to your Home Automation to Network Solutions in top IT companies, to POS in your favorite retail stores - subsequently making Logical Network Solutions the best IT company in Dubai. 


LNS, is growing to become not only one of the leading IT Security Service and CCTV company in Dubai - but also becoming the best IT Security Services and CCTV company in Dubai.



Professional IT Support & SIRA Certified CCTV Company 



  • CCTV Installation
  • CCTV Security System
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Biometric Solutions
  • Network Solutions
  • Server and Data Storage Solutions
  • Sound System Solutions
  • Telecom Solutions
  • Conference Solutions
  • Home Automation Solutions 
  • POS & Retail Solutions
  • Enterprise IT- Infra Solutions
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Online and Web Solutions




"Technology at the speed of life, Technology for innovators, Technology you can trust"

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